Excellent Nitrile Glove

Per dispenser box of 60 pieces


Art.no. Variant
07210 L
07211 XL
Optimum protection during your paint job!
  • Protection during the entire painting process
  • Prevent paint contamination
  • Longer sleeves offer your wrists better protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easily accessible thanks to the convenient dispenser box

The Tander Excellent Nitrile Gloves offer protection during the entire painting process. Designed to be worn while working with paints and solvents, these thicker and longer (6 mm thick, 285 mm in length) gloves provide even better protection. Thanks to their tight fit, the gloves are very comfortable to wear. The gloves are supplied in a convenient dispenser box that keeps them clean and easily accessible. Protect yourself and your paint from contamination by wearing Tander Excellent Nitrile Gloves.

Professionals know the importance of personal safety.
That's why craftsmen choose Tander Excellent Nitrile Gloves for optimum protection.

Powder Free; Silicon Free; Latex Free

User instructions

Before use, check glove for any damage. Do not use a damaged glove. Intended for single use only.

Storage information

Keep cool, protect from direct sunlight.

PPE Category

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CAT III according to European directive 89/686/EEC. PPE of complex design, protects against risks that cause irreversible damage to health.

Test results
Anti-static properties
Anti-static properties. Tested according to EN1149-3 Method 2: Measurement of induction decay time.
Penetration Resistance
These gloves are tested for penetration resistance to guarantee that they are leak proof. Performance level: AQL < 1.5 (Level 2) acc. to producer.
Chemical Splashes
These gloves are tested for chemical splash resistance, such as overspray. Resistance: N-heptane 99% - Level 3. Sodium Hydroxide 40% - Level 6.

Single use only.; Protection is limited to the hand only. Please combine with additional personal protective equipment for full protection.; If any allergic reaction should occur, please consult medical attention immediately.

EAN code 8714247056899
color black
sleeve length 285 mm
thickness 6 mil. (0.15 mm)
Shelf life Check the box for the expiration date.
CE Marked Notified body number: 0321