Tacky Booth Coating

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Art.no. Variant
08001 5 L
08002 20L
The best protection for your spray booth walls.
  • Protects the walls from paint contamination
  • Attracts dust particles and dirt before they can contaminate your paint job
  • Water-clear for optimum light reflection
  • No odorous smell
  • You can apply multiple layers on top of each other before you need to clean the cabin
  • Easy to apply and remove

The spray booth is the essential workplace for professional painters. Its walls deserve superior protection to guarantee a spotless end result. However, when also opting for cleaning convenience, you should choose Tander Tacky Booth Coating, which protects your walls from paint contamination and attracts dust and dirt before these can contaminate your paint job. The coating is easy to apply and remove after use.

In short, quality work calls for Tander Tacky Booth Coating!

Tander Tacky Booth Coating offers up to four weeks complete protection! Depending on how often you use your spray booth, Tander Tacky Booth Coating can be used for longer than the recommended four weeks.

User instructions

Easy to apply with a spray gun (1.8, 2.0), brush or roller. Can easily be removed with warm water or a pressure sprayer. Layers can be applied on top of each other.

Storage information

Protect from direct sunlight, store between 5 - 30°C.


You can apply multiple layers on top of each other before cleaning the surface.

EAN code 8714247057100
color transparent
Shelf life 2 years when kept by a temperature between 5 - 30 degrees Celsius.