Dust Control
Dust Control
Tander Dust Control

Dust Control

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  • 08101
Attracts dust and dirt, protecting your paint job.
  • Prevents dust and dirt from swirling around
  • Can be used in the spray booth as well as preparation areas
  • No odorous smell
  • You can apply multiple layers on top of each other before you need to clean the surface

Swirling dust and dirt are the main source of contamination during paint jobs. Much of this contamination can be prevented using Tander Dust Control. This clear, tacky solution keeps dust and dirt down on the floor, preventing it from swirling around and therefore protecting your paint job and prepared paints from contamination.

Quality work calls for Tander Dust Control!

Tander Dust Control offers up to four weeks' complete protection! Depending on how often you use your spray booth, Tander Dust Control can be used for longer than the recommended four weeks.

User instructions

Apply an equal layer on the surface with a pressure sprayer. Layers can be applied on top of each other, and layers can be washed away with water.; Suitable for use in spray booths and preparation areas.

Storage information

Protect from direct sunlight, store between 15 - 20°C.


You can apply multiple layers on top of each other before cleaning the surface.

EAN code 8714247057247
color transparent
Shelf life 1 year