Tack Cloth
Tack Cloth
Tander Tack Cloth

Tack Cloth

Per piece
  • 03101
For a spotless surface.
  • Holds small and large dust particles
  • Large size (81cm x 92cm)
  • Can be used with both water- and solvent-based coatings
  • Individually wrapped to maintain cleanliness
  • Lint-free
  • Does not dry out

The Tander Tack Cloth helps you pick up all dirt, both large and small, to give you a spotless surface. The cloth's tacky coating picks up all particles and holds them firmly inside the open structure. Suitable for harsh dirt due to its structure and size. The cloth can be used with both water- and solvent-based coatings.

A spotless surface guarantees a spotless paint job. That's why craftsmen choose the Tander Tack Cloth.

Waffled / textured material.

User instructions

Recommended to remove large dust and dirt particles from the relevant surface. Ideal for use on larger surfaces. The Tander Tack Cloth is to be used before spraying / lacquering of all surfaces. During wiping minimal pressure should be applied. Simply wipe the surface lightly, until every dust particle is absorbed by the cloth and leave the surface free of dust. Suitable for use with both water and solvent based coatings.

Storage information

Store in a dry place at ambient temperatures.

Washing advice

Not washable


Do not use the Tack Cloth on hot surfaces!

EAN code 8714247057117
color Beige