Pump Sprayer
Pump Sprayer
Tander Pump Sprayer

Pump Sprayer

Per piece
  • 03001
Apply liquids in a controlled manner.
  • Adjustable spray mist for even application
  • Hand-held due to its 1-litre capacity
  • Can be used with both water- and solvent-based degreasers

The convenient Tander Pump Sprayer is a handy tool for all craftsmen. The adjustable spray nozzle makes it easy to choose the right spray mist for every job and guarantees a controlled application. The integrated VITON O-rings give you the option of using the sprayer with both water- and solvent-based degreasers.

For the fast and controlled application of liquids, professionals choose the Tander Pump Sprayer.

User instructions

Pump multiple times to create pressure inside the sprayer. Choose the correct output by adjusting the nozzle and press the button to spray.

Storage information

Store in between 5-30 degrees for optimal performance.


Use in combination with the Tander Degreasing Cloth for the best results!

EAN code 8714247057049
color black / white