Cutting Compound

Per bottle
  • 06002
For the most demanding polishing jobs.
  • Remove harsh scratches and paint defects in an instant
  • Economical to use
  • Save time and money
  • Can be used on all kinds of painted surfaces
  • Silicone- and solvent-free

Harsh scratches and paint defects are always a challenge to remove. Now you can remove sanding scratches starting from P1200 efficiently with the Tander Cutting Compound. This compound is capable of tackling the harshest challenges to make sure you can quickly finish your job. Save time and money using the fastest solution for aggressive polishing.

Aggressive polishing made easy -
that's why professionals choose the Tander Cutting Compound.

Solvent- / silicone-free; Non-harmful for clear coats, plastic and rubber parts.

User instructions

Clean the surface before polishing. Shake well before use. Apply a sufficient amount of compound on a hard polishing pad and distribute evenly. Polish with medium pressure on the machine (medium-high speed, 1300-1500 RPM). Reduce pressure when the polishing material starts to dry, until all scratches are gone. Finish the surface with a microfibre cloth. For an improved finish, follow up with Tander One Step Polish. Recommended for use with a hard polishing pad and rotary machine directly after sanding with P1200 or P1500 for the best results.

Storage information

Store above 10⁰C, do not expose to frost or direct sunlight.


Please note: avoid polishing in the same spot for too long and don't press too hard to prevent holograms and form changes.


For the best results, use in combination with the Tander Foam Pad Hard. Complete your job with the Tander One Step Polish for the ultimate high-gloss result.

EAN code 8714247059357
color white
Shelf life 24 months