Transparent Masking Foil

Per roll

Dimensions: Variant
01100 4 m x 200 m
01101 6 m x 100 m
01102 4.8 m x 300 m
Fast and easy covering of a complete object or highly demanding jobs.
  • Fast covering of a complete vehicle or object
  • Statically charged so it clings to the surface
  • Optimum shielding capacities
  • Paint adhesive capacities
  • (Extra Wide variant)
  • Extra wide for highly demanding jobs
  • Also suitable for masking sideways

As a professional, doing your job efficiently is important. This Transparent Masking Foil helps you to cover complete surfaces in an instant. While masking, the statically charged foil clings to the surface so you can cut and tape the foil easily. The paint adhesive capacities make sure all overspray clings to the foil.

The Extra Wide Transparent Masking Foil helps you to cover large surfaces of for instances SUVs, boats, buses and other vehicles in an instant and can also be used when masking sideways.

Efficient masking is essential for a fast job.
That's why craftsmen choose Tander (Extra Wide) Transparent Masking Foil.

Adheres paint; Infrared drying up to 120°C; Clings to the surface; High tensile strenght

Storage information

Store in between 5-30 degrees for optimal performance

EAN code 8714247055991
color translucent
roll width 1 Meter
temperature resistance 120°C
material HDPE