Masking Paper
Tander Masking Paper 50g
Masking Paper

Masking Paper

Per roll

Dimensions: Variant
01001 200 m x 21 cm
01002 200 m x 37.5 cm
01003 200 m x 60 cm
01004 200 m x 90 cm
01005 200 m x 120 cm
The perfect coverage for your project.
  • Strong, so will not tear while handling
  • Easy to cut with an aprontaper or paper knife
  • Optimum shielding capacities
  • Available in various widths
  • Will not bleed under normal conditions

This strong, 50-gram masking paper ensures safe coverage of various surfaces. The paper will not tear during handling but can easily be cut using an aprontaper or paper knife. With its perfect protective properties the paper shields the surface perfectly, ensuring safe coverage for your project. The right absorption capacity and high quality guarantee that the paint will stick to the paper and that it will not bleed under normal conditions.

Tander Masking Paper provides perfect protection for your object!

Storage information

Store in between 5-30 degrees for optimal performance

EAN code 8714247055571
color Light Brown
grammage 50 g / m2
absorption 22 g / m2
strength 2.2 kPa.m2 / g
porosity 120 ml / min