Foam Masking Tape
Foam Masking Tape
Tander Foam Masking Tape

Foam Masking Tape

Per dispenser box

Dimensions: Variant
01230 13 mm x 50 m
01231 19 mm x 35 m
For the finishing touch on your masking job.
  • Easy to apply thanks to the dispenser box
  • Mask gaps quickly and professionally
  • Ideal for preventing sharp edges

While masking, precise working is of the utmost importance to prevent contamination or having to redo the work. Tander Foam Masking Tape helps you to mask gaps between bonnets, doors and connecting parts easily. It prevents overspray from penetrating the gap and protects against sharp edges. Thanks to the dispenser box, you always have the right amount of tape available and the material is easy to apply. Precision jobs demand the best products. That's why craftsmen choose Tander Foam Masking Tape.

Silicon Free

Storage information

Store in original packing; at < 35 °C; at normal ventilation.

EAN code
color white
temperature resistance 180 °C.
strength 228 Kpa.m2 / g
Shelf life 1 year
material PU-Foam on polyester base. Adhesive: Hot-melt, block-polymer base