Fine Line Tape

Per roll

Dimensions: Variant
01240 3 mm x 55 m
01241 6 mm x 55 m
01242 9 mm x 55 m
01243 12 mm x 55 m
For the most precise masking jobs.
  • Sharp edges for precision jobs
  • Highly flexible so easy to curve
  • Ideal for custom painting
  • Available in four different widths
  • Easy to remove and leaves no residue

Proud craftsmen always aim for the highest results. Tander Fine Line Tape is ideal for precision masking. Excellent colour separation, spraying multiple colours, masking wheel rims or custom painting - all done with ease using this thin (0.137mm/0.0054 inch) and flexible tape.

Precision jobs demand the best products.
That's why craftsmen choose Tander Fine Line Tape.

User instructions

This tape is designed to offer a high degree of conformability without excessive stretch. The tape adheres to a wide variety of surfaces and can be used in combination with water-based coatings. The tape leaves no residue when removed. Recommended use: preferred for medium to high temperature applications where a sharp fine line is required.

Storage information

Store in between 5-30 degrees for optimal performance

EAN code 8714247056202
color green
temperature resistance Takes a double bake at 130° C for max. 30 minutes per bake.
thickness 0.137 mm
strength 245 N/100 mm
material Thermally stabilized PVC backing. Adhesive: rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive