Paint Application Lid 700 ml

Box of 25 lids

size: Variant
05005 90 microns
05006 130 microns
05007 190 microns
05008 280 microns
Combine this with your Tander Paint Cup to create a smart paint application system.
  • Simple two-action system
  • Easy to use, which saves time and money
  • Saves space because the system only consists of two parts
  • Available with four types of strainers, suitable for all types of paints

The Tander Paint Application System helps you to prepare in no time, as you're ready to start your paint job after two short actions. Prepare your paint in the Tander Paint Cup and use the Paint Application Lid to start your project. Save time, money and space using the Tander Paint Application System.

Paint preparation in the most efficient way.
For fast preparation and optimum results, craftsmen choose the Tander Paint Application System.

User instructions

Pick the right strainer for your task:

  • 90 μm – clear coats
  • 130 μm – waterborne coats
  • 190 μm – conventional base coats
  • 280 μm – primers
  • Ready to apply paint in two simple steps. 1. Mix your paint in the Tander Paint Cup. 2. Click on the Tander Paint Application Lid and it is ready to apply.

    Storage information

    Store in between 5-30 degrees for optimal performance


    Single use only!; Do not close the nozzle of the spray gun with your finger to improve a smooth flow. The system might explode!; Maximum 4 Bar / 58 PSI.


    Use in combination with the Advanced Paint Stirrer for optimum results!; Attach your Paint Application Lid dispenser box to the wall at working height with the Wall Bracket!

    EAN code 8714247058725
    color blue, green, red, white
    suitable for spray gun brand A matching adapter is available for most types of Spray Guns. Trouble finding a matching adapter? Please contact us!