Coming soon - Tander Fast Curing System

An extremely powerful UV curing light, equipped with high intensity UV LEDs.

Coating specialists are making a difference. We believe that paint professionals have the potential to improve a business by letting their creativity run free. This is why Tander develops and creates innovative and convenient products that enable coating specialists to excel! The Tander Fast Curing Light is a high-quality, easy-to-operate UV curing light for drying UV curing products. It supports the curing of large and small areas in the fastest way possible. 


About UV Curing

UV Curing is becoming increasingly interesting for the paint processing segment. It enables you to cure surfaces in an instant, cutting time and saving money in the process. We offer you a new, extremely powerful UV curing light that can be used to cure large and small areas treated with UV curing primers, paints, putties and body fillers.

Benefits of the Tander Fast Curing System

  • For drying UV curing products on both larger and smaller areas
  • The cured surface can be processed immediately after curing
  • Extremly powerful, equipped with high intensity UV LEDs
  • More than 200 mW/cm² power
  • Easy to due to its high-tech, lightweight ergonomic design
  • Shock resistant technology makes it durable
  • Solvent resistant clear lens for optimum outpot
  • Cord wired, so it’s always at your service. All day, every day!

Tander facilitates the work of proud craftspeople with products that help reduce failure costs. Getting it right the first time is our aim! We strive to offer a product range that’s affordable and convenient. Quality, innovative features and an affordable price are our core principles. You’ll find that we offer a wide range of products in manageable packing units, accessible for everybody. We help bring creative ideas to life, in partnership with proud craftspeople! We support paint professionals around the world with innovative, high quality products that cover the complete paint process, from personal and spray booth protection to paint application products. Whether you work in the industrial or automotive sector, our products are suited for a range of business areas. They are used in the nautical, automotive, industrial, wood processing and aviation sectors, as well as many others. 

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