How to Restore the Car Paint

A perfect project is not complete without a sublime finish. The icing on the cake to make your client happy and yourself proud. Besides that, taking care of older paint is part of the job as well. Tander offers finishing products for all types of polishing jobs. To help you out on the basics, we summed up the most common paint defects such as overspray on car, orange peel texture, faded paint, scratches and dust inclusions. We also give you an advice on how to restore these defects.

A Clean Spray Booth – Tips and Tricks

The key to a perfect spray job is clean surroundings. Nothing is more annoying than tiny dust particles on your freshly painted surface. Although your protective clothing protects your paint job from hair and fibres, a dirty spray booth will lead to dust and dirt particles on your brand-new car paint project or any other paint job.

Prevent Paint Defects by Proper Paint Prep!

Every surface needs to be prepared before it’s (spray) painted. A dirt and dust free surface is an absolute necessity before starting your car paint job. To guarantee the best results, proper preparation is needed during the whole paint process for an immaculate finish.

Tander spray paint application system, fast and easy!

Handling expensive paints is part of your daily routine and has become second nature. To treat paints with the utmost care, high quality spray paint preparation and paint application products are crucial.

How Paint Professionals Stay Safe During and After Painting

Paint professionals know the importance of personal protection. Besides the fact that regulations oblige the use of the necessary PPE materials, health is your most important asset. Both during and outside working hours. Prevent temporary or permanent injuries to make sure you can continue to perform at your best!

Off to a Flying Start Thanks to Excellent Masking!

A perfect masking job and paint prep is key to a spotless result. While completing your job on time and with high quality, you are able to stay ahead of your competitors with cost- and time-efficient working.